A selected candidate will have the opportunity to work on Yumr’s team at an early stage and be able to see their work grow. We have the ambition to become the worlds best food finding and sharing application and we’re looking for someone as ambitious, if not more. The position will focus heavily on front end IOS development, although full-stack abilities would be a bonus. As an mobile developer with Yumr you will be working alongside the executive team of Yumr to bring our existing alpha version on Android application to IOS and implement new features and designs. We aim to move into our final release build with the successful candidate.


What we’re looking for

- Ambitious developer who has an interest in working on an app that has potential to go viral

- IOS front-end development experience (examples of past projects is beneficial)

- Able to interpret wireframes and mockups as a guidance for development

- Creative thinker and good problem solver

- Being a foodie is optional

About Yumr

Yumr is an app where foodies can take their food pictures, optimize them with filters specific for food, and share them to Yumr and their social media. The more food they share the more karma points they gain towards their foodie rank. If you’re the biggest local foodie, then prove it with Yumr. Not only is it a great way to share food, but most importantly users are able to quench their hunger within a few swipes. Users see food within a set proximity from them and that can match their search criteria - whether they’re vegan and only want to see vegan food nearby, or if they’re craving the best burger around them.  

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