Operations Strategist

Weeby.co is looking for a passionate extraordinary operations strategist to help the company grow and thrive. The position has an admin focus but we want you to grow with the team. Be ready to work super hard and have an awesome time while doing so. If you are talented in operations and hungry for a challenge, then we want to talk to you.

The job includes 3 parts office management, executive assistance, and general operations:

Office Management

  • Organizing the office
  • Event Planning
  • Ensuring smooth operations, from catering to internet
  • Interface with back office (HR, benefits, payroll)

Executive Assistance

  • Personal Assistance
  • Running errands (picking up coffee, mail, etc.)

General Operations

  • Editting blog posts
  • Building presentations
  • Interfacing with potential clients


  • Analytical
  • High-energy and driven
  • Extremely organized
  • Tech-savy (you don’t need to code, but you should live and breathe tech)
  • Strong work ethic
  • Love of mobile games

Working at Weeby.co

We are located in Mountain View right off Caltrain and in the heart of the Castro Street restaurant corridor. Ideas are valued from all corners of Weeby.co, and we work fast — that idea can go from concept to live in short order. We take care of our people and believe it makes us stronger as a company. We enjoy working together and relaxing together – and on our own sometimes also. This means:

  • catered breakfast and lunches
  • team dinners
  • game night
  • fun company events
  • 100% health care premiums
  • and unlimited vacation
  • competitive salaries

About Weeby.co

Weeby.co makes over-the-top (OTT) social games, technology, and tools. We provide design and implementation for the game flow, UI, monetization, server, and social mechanics to build a beautiful and engaging leaderboard or adventure map game. You provide a fun, short high-score game, and we turn it into the next Diamond Dash, Words with Friends, Candy Crush, etc. Weeby comes pre-integrated with any mobile messenger (Kik, Tango, Line, etc.) with automatic distribution built into the technology and game templates. Weeby.co is a spin-off of Game Closure, its parent company, and located in the heart of downtown Mountain View, California. To date, it has raised $12M from investors like Highland, Matt Ocko, Joi Ito and others. Weeby is made up of 20 of the most talented people who come together everyday to make the world's most beautiful, high quality social games. Their mission is to transform games so that they're social and engaging, and possible for you to play with your friends wherever you are. The Weeby.co Core is built on top of the Game Closure DevKit, which is the Javascript game engine that was open-sourced in February 2013. The DevKit makes it easy for any web developer to develop a high-performing and high-quality cross-platform mobile game.

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