We are looking for a VP of Software Engineering to join our team and lead the SproutsIO software platform: e-commerce website and social network, mobile app, hardware architecture, and cloud database. Your mission will be to guide and oversee the design, development, operations and support of the platform.  You will also be responsible for recruiting and managing our software engineering team.  For a full position description, please see our website and job posting.

This is an exciting moment to become a part of the SproutsIO team, as you will be involved in the early stage of molding the SproutsIO software platform with access to a well-developed hardware system on which to test.  We will depend on your insight to determine the key components on which to build and scale the software platform of SproutsIO.

About SproutsIO Inc.

SproutsIO Personal Produce™ reliably grows a wide range of fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables, from strawberries to bok choy - year round.  Our convenient, soil-free system is easy to use, simple to maintain and can be controlled right from your mobile phone.  Connecting to healthy and delicious produce has never been easier.SproutsIO Inc. was established in 2013 to provide Personal Produce™, a new choice for growing and enjoying healthy, delicious fruits and vegetables.  Our mission is to develop technologies that enable large-scale change in food production through user participation. We strive to achieve our mission through three key components: smart appliance, renewables, and services.

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