VMTurbo is Java program running under Tomcat, with a Flex UI and Apache for Web services.  It manages critical resources for customers, many of whom (e.g., in the financial industry) are highly security-conscious.


As Security Engineer, you will be in charge of examining our existing code base and defining and implementing changes to improve security; responding to security issues that customers and others identify; and defining and enforcing programming, testing, and other appropriate practices to help keep our products secure.


This is a hands-on, individual contributor position.  You’ll be expected to contribute to actual secure code, not just to documents.  While we are growing rapidly, we’re a small team and everyone pitches in on everything. There will likely be times when we need you to help with non-security code.

  • 5+ years experience with the technologies mentioned in a security-related context
  • General professional-level programming experience
  • An ability and willingness to quickly learn new technologies: The nature of our product is that we must be able to talk to any decides or technologies our customers use, whether through SOAP, REST, WMI, etc…

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