VIVE, is looking to hire a technical lead who can hit the ground running, help us meet our rapidly growing user demands–an ever growing waitlist in the several thousands–and build and ship product. We’ve recently been dubbed by the press as “ClassPass for beauty” : Business Insider, Elite Daily, Time Out NY, and more.

VIVE’s mission is to reimagine, reinvigorate, and revolutionize the beauty industry by correcting the underutilization of time, talent and technology. We seek to empower our stakeholders and create a culture where hard work cuts a clear path to success.

We are looking for someone who is passionate about using technology to solve real problems that affect real people. You must be someone who communicates well and can work closely with the CEO to plan, execute, and evaluate results. The ideal candidate must be more than just an engineer, but a product manager, and a project manager.


Required skills:

Experience in web technologies: CSS, Javascript, and HTML. Bonus if
you know Angular or SaSS.

Experience in one or more of the following: Python, Java, Go, and Ruby (5+ years) 

Experience with SQL databases

Experience with deployment of web applications and TDD.

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