Well-versed with:

- Document databases (MongoDB, CouchDB, . . . )

- Graph databases (Neo4j , Titan, OrientDB, . . . )

- Scaling (load balancing, sharding, replication)

- MapReduce (Hadoop, AWS EMR)

- Linux system administration and security

- Experience with AWS

About Virtulus Inc.

Virtulus is a smart, location-based search engine for information trapped inside apps that Google doesn't search. Virtulus indexes content from numerous location-based APIs and dynamically loads live interfaces to everything around you, from bus predictions at a bus stop, to nearby events your friends are having fun at, to your thermostat at home. We are a team from MIT, and we love hacking. We work smart, and we play hard. Want to be part of the next big thing on mobile? Join us!  

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