We’re on the hunt for a startup-savvy early-career professional to join our Corporate Development Team. We’re looking for an outgoing hustler who will help to source great company partners and drive the matchmaking process to ensure that each Fellow has an awesome job in a VFA city. 


  • Have worked at a startup and loved the high-growth environment
  • Can connect with founders and understand their businesses
  • Are a natural relationship builder, are generally outgoing, and make friends with strangers
  • Demonstrate next-level communication skills in-person, over email, and on the phone
  • Would enjoy traveling across the country to launch markets and meet with entrepreneurs
  • Are organized, self-managing, and don’t miss details
  • Have comfort with ambiguity and take initiative
  • Demonstrate a high degree of situational awareness
  • Believe so strongly in VFA’s mission that your friends know all about us
  • Have a BA/BS from a top college/university and 1-2 years of work experience

What you’ll do:

  • Prospect and evaluate startups in VFA cities
  • Develop relationships with these companies and onboard them as new partners
  • Get to know Fellows, assess strengths and weaknesses, and match with companies based on tangible and intangible aspects
  • Create and improve on processes and materials that can help Fellows and companies navigate this process
  • Write, speak, and travel with passion and purpose
  • Contribute/pitch in to all aspects of VFA, from selection, to summer Training Camp, to Fellow programming, to fundraising

The good stuff:

  • High performers at VFA are given substantial opportunity to grow and develop
  • You’ll earn a competitive salary 
  • We have health, dental, and vision benefits 
  • This job involves meeting and making friends with smart people doing interesting things
  • You’ll suddenly have less trouble getting out of bed and going to work in the morning

About Venture for America

Venture for America is a startup nonprofit that recruits, selects, and trains elite recent college grads, places them at startups in emerging US cities for two years of front-lines experience, and provides access to the network and resources to become company builders and job creators. The Fellowship is highly selective, as is our team, and we’re looking for someone to jump in and make a huge impact. 

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