Job Description:
Hire an Esquire is building a small team of exceptional Associate-level attorneys to work with start ups in NYC. You will be working directly with one or more of our AM Law 200 client law firms but will also have a direct relationship with the entrepreneurs.

Experience Required:
-At least 2 years working as an associate at an AM Law 200 firm (preferably working with start ups during that time)
-Have started, helped start, or planning to start a high tech based business
-Must have some experience with company incorporation, start IP needs, venture capital investments, angel investments, convertible notes, term sheet negotiation, and/or start up employee benefits and compensation
-Degree from a top 30 law school
-Must be personable and able to interact directly with start up executives

How to Apply:

1) Go to http://www.hireanesquire.com
2) Sign up for an account (always free for attorneys)
3) Completely fill out your profile once you are verified
4) Apply for the job labeled “Entrepreneurial Services/Venture Attorney to work with Startups in NYC”

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