Do you have the knack for solving problems? Do you live your life online? Can you translate technical jargon into easy to understand language? Do you know your Balance Sheets from your Profit and Loss statements?

How would you like to be part of a fast growing tech startup, with an already established base of customers and fans worldwide, as it grows into a global Kiwi success story?

Well this is your chance… so go for it. Because in New Zealand, Toronto and now Germany opportunities like this are really rare.

Vend is a web product – a new type of retail point of sale and store management.  We are chucking out crufty old cash registers and replacing them with iPads, touch screens and fun to use software. We’re shaking things up, pushing out innovations, and finding, and meeting, a huge demand for our services. Our customer base is growing fast and we need to give our users the best technical support possible.

And that’s why we need you!

We’re not your ordinary company, so we’re not looking for an ordinary candidate. Technical, web, retail, helpdesk or customer service experience are all valuable, as is some exposure through study or work to accounting principles. But above all, we want to see a passion for web technology, a desire to learn, a sense of humour, and empathy for the needs and challenges of our customers.

The support team is arranged into 8-hour morning, daytime and afternoon/evening shifts, starting no earlier than 7am and finishing no later than 9pm. Days of work are organized either from Monday to Friday or from Tuesday to Saturday.

  • Good grasp of Google Apps (Gmail, docs, calendars)
  • Familiarity with our partner platforms Xero.com and Shopify.com, and experience with email marketing platforms (this isn’t essential though)
  • You will speak English, Spanish and extra bonus points for Portuguese
  • Comfortable providing phone support, email and live chat
  • Know your way round a spreadsheet
  • Web content creation experience
  • Competent in social media, and online trends
  • Familiarity with accounting software (preferably Xero)

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