Visual Designers with the User Experience team are responsible for the creative direction and visual aesthetic of our client projects. We are seeking strong creative thinkers that can, both as part of a team and independently, communicate their design perspective clearly and articulately to our team of UX designers, developers, and our clients. This includes the discovery or creation of brand attributes, design direction, and the application of design principles and best practices that support them. Our Visual Designers build off or work in parallel with our UX designers’ Research, Content Strategy, Information Architecture, and Interaction Design to implement the design direction into solid and presentable concepts to the client and production teams.  Working closely with the project team, Visual Designers, in conjunction with the project lead, communicate design intent throughout the development of the project ensuring quality and effective solutions.


  • Strong aesthetic style, creativity, and a knack for pushing the boundaries of digital experiences
  • Strong understanding of user centric principle, design, and software development
  • Possess a natural inclination towards user experience and general usability, ensuring quality accordingly
  • Produce deliverables that are professional, polished, visually appealing, and support best practices with a minimal amount of oversight
  • Strong skills in design fundamentals such as knowledge of composition, form, shape and color, layout, typography
  • Deep knowledge of current design trends
  • Skillful communication and conversation skills including experience in presenting to and partnering with clients
  • The ability to think! Strong problem solving, analysis, and decision making skills
  • Mastery of common creative tools. Adobe Creative Suite, OmniGraffle, or equivalent


  • A strong portfolio of work exemplifying 3+ years of designing user interfaces showcasing excellent user interaction, visual design, and meaningful transitions between visual states
  • Experience  designing interfaces for multiple interface paradigms (e.g. desktop, touch, responsive, gesture etc.)
  • Experience working in a variety of different industries’, clients’, or brands’ esthetics
  • Bachelor’s degree in related discipline (Information Design, Fine Arts, Industrial Design, Human-Machine Interaction, Computer Science) or equivalent level of experience required.


  • Experience working with clients to define and develop brand materials (e.g. logo, iconography, brand strategy)
  • Acumen and interest in general user experience skills, including the architecture of projects for web, mobile devices, social media platforms, and other applications. Experience in solving problems through analysis, synthesis, creativity, and insight.

About Nerdery

We create web, mobile, user experience design, and application solutions We've outgrown seven offices since we started in 2003 and are bursting at the seams with technical experts because we've faithfully pursued our vision: be the best place in the world for nerds to work. It comes naturally to us, being founded by three programmers, to make a nerd-friendly environment – that's what we've done for our hundreds of employees. Sure, we have a dog-friendly workplace, a perpetual chess tournament and a 250-seat Rock Band venue, but the most critical ingredient in keeping an army of technical geniuses happy (other than caffeine) is compelling problems to solve. Luckily, our unique business model ensures that we never run short on interesting problems to sink our teeth into. We consult with our partners on tech strategy, user experience design, development and quality assurance. Sticklers on details, you can count on nerds when it comes to numbers – we have the data to prove it.

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