There are a ton of great startups in New York City, but discovering all of them, dealing with recruiters, and having multiple application processes can suck.

underdog.io is built to solve this problem.

Submit your application once and have it seen by founders and hiring managers of the top venture capital-backed startups in NYC. They reach out to you directly, not recruiters. You decide where to interview. You work where you want to work.

Go to http://www.underdog.io to sign up. I promise we will never share your resumes with recruiters. They stink.


If you have any questions, email us as support@underdog.io.

About underdog.io

We work at NYC startups. We've been responsible for hiring, and we've been on the other side, looking for work. The whole process sucks...even more so when recruiters are involved. We're hoping to make it easier.

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