We are a growing company looking for an enthusiastic and dedicated individual to join our team! In this position, the Software Developer will play an instrumental role in the design and implementation of our software. This is an exciting opportunity to work at an entrepreneurial company with an experienced, motivated and talented team.  There are many learning opportunities and great potential for career growth.




This position will have the opportunity to:


  • Work with motivated, smart, efficient and committed people

  • See virtually all aspects of a growing, entrepreneurial company

  • Build knowledge in clinical trials, an area that is essential to the health of society and critical to biopharma companies

  • Work with a team committed to clean code and usability

  • Gain exposure to, and work on, the full product lifecycle

  • Lead or assist with challenging projects critical to company success

  • Have the opportunity to develop code and communicate with clients




  • Solid technical fundamentals (likely CS or Math background)

  • Significant experience building production web applications

  • Strong SQL skills

  • Find writing code fun and rewarding

  • A passion for clean code and clear naming conventions

  • A drive to design and build highly usable software

  • Must be enthusiastic, dedicated and have a passion for creation

  • Must be a crisp, precise thinker and reflect this in your code

  • Must be able to “zoom in and zoom out”, demonstrating an ability to quickly transition from a detailed conversation about code to discussing topics like business strategy or how to consolidate major areas within the product.


    To apply, please email your salary requirements and resume to careers@trialnetworks.com along with a solution to the following exercise: Write code, in your choice of language, that takes as input a string and integer shift and returns that string encoded using a basic Caesar cipher.


About TrialNetworks

 TrialNetworks provides sponsors and CROs with the award-winning Clinical Trial Optimization System to transform clinical operations quality and efficiency. Customers use this modern and intuitive technology to improve key aspects of a trial from feasibility through closeout. TrialNetworks is located in Newton, MA and is part of DrugDev.  Visit www.trialnetworks.com for more information. 

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