We’re looking for a MySQL expert with a track record of performance optimizations. Currently, we have a MySQL implementation that is handling 12+ GB’s of data and we need someone to first audit and make recommendations for changes. If everyone thumbs up the recommendations, we’d like you to provide a quote / time frame and then implement said changes.

We’re not married to MySQL for a future implementation, but you would have to sell us hard on switching.


    • NoSQL isn’t ideal for us, as we are both heavy in read / write actions.


    • PostgreSQL /SQL Server are options, but we would need the metrics in terms of we would gain. And, this wouldn’t be a few StackOverflow links comparing MySQL to MSSQL ;)


About you:


    • You have a proven track record of DB optimizations. MySQL must be in that track record.


    • You have significant data migration experience


    • You understand the use cases for the cloud and can provide a solid information as to when that migration should happen.


    • You can set up a backup and data redundancy process.


    • You can go on forever about the differences between InnoDB and MyISAM




    • Experience with any OO server side language


    • Available to be in our Manhattan office at least three times a week


What this might look like:
We’ll have you come in and talk to our Senior Full Stack Developer. He’s mildly keen to the inner workings of databases, but has his hands tied with a large project. He’ll show you some of the optimizations he would like and you can provide further recommendations. We’re cloud curious, but need more insight into the performance gain or savings that it might offer us. 

About us:
We’re in Midtown Manhattan (36th & Broadway). We’re a small company of roughly less than 30 employees with a focus on selling tickets of all kinds. We aggregate a lot of data into one place and then serve that to our end users. You would be “laying the cement” for the new foundation that we want to build over the next six moths. 

What we need from you:


    • Your resume.


  • A short description of what qualifies you to take on “big data”

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