TimeTrade Systems is looking for an incredible web engineer to join our team.

We know that’s you.

Why We Want YOU

It’s not because you know how to build web apps. It’s because you know how to build them to be super-fast, scalable, responsive and flexible.

It’s not because you understand that a web user’s experience should be awesome. It’s because you won’t accept anything less than that in your own projects.

It’s not because you’ve built a great web application before. It’s because you did it by embracing new technologies and architectures so that it could scale in ways that would be impossible with a traditional approach.

It’s not because you enjoy solving difficult problems (we expect that already). Rather, it’s because the code you write to solve them is clear, readable, maintainable, reusable and runs faster than a jackrabbit.

It’s not because you know how to write PHP and JavaScript to create fantastic web sites. It’s because you are now experimenting with server-side JavaScript and are intrigued by frameworks like Node.js.

It’s not because you’ve worked in an Agile environment before. It’s because you have seen the benefits of that methodology and now you try and convince your friends to experience it too.

What You’re Going to Do for Us

You’re going to help design and build the web layer of TimeTrade’s next-generation web application. It has to be massively scalable, cloud-deployable and sentient. OK, maybe not sentient. We’ll settle for having it run equally well on lots of different-sized devices.

Of course, this is the section where you expect to read about the list of technologies and languages that will be used to cross the great new frontier. We’re happy to oblige!

At a minimum you’ll be working with PHP, Dojo, Zend, JavaScript, Less, SMACSS, jQuery, REST, WebSockets, OAuth, Git and (lest we forget) HTML5 and CSS3.  

Why can’t we describe the entire list? Because you haven’t helped us shape it yet.  Don’t know what things like SMACSS are? Google them. The results will show you what it would be like to work with tools that really clear out cruft.

Interviewing at TimeTrade will be a lot of fun! You’re going to meet us and make us feel bad for not finding you a month ago.

What It’s Like To Work Here

Frankly, it’s awesome. And no, we’re not kidding.

On your first day you’ll get a new top-of-the-line computer, an enormous monitor setup, a pair of Bose headphones and the freedom to get things done.

You want to work from home a few days each week? No problem.  You want 4-day weekends for most Federal holidays? Absolutely. You want to work on the most exciting, bleeding-edge technologies available? That’s a given. You want to work in a company that’s growing tremendously fast and transforming an entire industry? This is the place for you.


To apply, go to www.timetrade.com/principal-web-engineer



About TimeTrade

 The world’s most well respected brands in retail, banking and industries worldwide use TimeTrade to deliver on their brand promise of a truly personalized customer experience. TimeTrade’s Responsive Customer Engagement Platform allows consumers to connect with a brand, anywhere, anytime – and then gives companies deeper insight than ever before about what consumers want next. The result: higher sales and lifetime, repeat customers.    

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