Thumbtack Technology, Inc. is seeking a Solutions Architect to design scalable technical solutions for our clients’ problems.


Thumbtack Technology is a software development company that has been at the forefront of large-scale, high-performance web development for over a decade. We are based in the U.S. and Russia, with our main office located in the financial district of Manhattan, New York.

Our client roster includes The New York Times, eBay, Shutterstock, AppNexus, The Boston Globe, adMarketplace, Etsy, OkCupid, SAP, and PlaceIQ.

The ideal candidate will have solid experience turning a broad spectrum of business problems into elegant technical solutions. This is a very senior technical position, but we are not committed to any one specific skill set. What we want instead is someone who can understand what it takes to build a highly scalable and bulletproof system, and can both teach and learn from our other architects.


  • Walk into a project and begin to identify the key components of a project

  • Quickly identify key areas for architectural improvement, especially in regard to building redundant and low-latency systems

  • Be able to educate and drive local and remote resources around your vision

  • Communicate clearly and effectively in an in-depth technical level and translate to business needs

  • Have a full understanding of loosely coupled architecture paradigms


  • A demonstrable hands-on programming background, with a deep understanding of the technologies you used, and the ability to back this knowledge when challenged

  • 8+ years in software development, or a background that speaks for itself

  • A proven track record of successfully translating business requirements into technical solutions

  • Comfortability with a broad set of Web and Javascript frameworks

  • Experience building solutions on NoSQL databases would be cool

  • Mobile Development (iOS, Android) would be interesting, but is not required

  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, or equivalent work experience

  • Experience working achieving results within globally distributed companies a plus

Contact Us

It’s important  to us to maintain a culture of people who respect each other and help each other grow.  If this sounds like the kind of environment you’d like to be a part of, please drop us a line at careers@thumbtack.net and let’s start talking!


Thumbtack Technology offers competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits, and flexible work arrangements.

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