ThoughtWire Ambiant enables new, more dynamic and responsive user experiences across applications and requires innovative client side developers to implement. Successful developers will help define and create usable and refined applications for clients in healthcare, smart buildings and other industries. These highly personalized applications aggregate complex data and functionality from multiple sources and are automatically available in browser, on the desktop and on mobile devices. As a result successful client developers need to be familiar with application design, responsive layout and the basics of transactional integration patterns.

Required Experience:

·       BSc in Computer Science or equivalent

·       Excellent problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills

·       Experience reusing existing applications via data or middleware access (API)

·       Experience developing user interfaces in at least one of HTML, Swing, Windows Forms, etc.

·       Excellent JavaScript, CSS and HTML skills


Preferred Experience:

·       Experience with data modeling processes

·       Experience building web applications

·       Knowledge of RDF and related standards

·       Experience with AJAX communication, JSON and XML

·       Practical experience querying data and using web service APIs


Technical Requirements:


·       Web Services 2+ yrs

·       Ajax with JSON or XML 2+ yrs.

·       SQL 2+ yrs

·       HTML 4 / CSS 2 4+ yrs

·       JavaScript 4+ yrs

·       JavaScript framework like jQuery, Prototype, YUI, MooTools, Other, 4+ yrs.

·       Dealing with cross browser issues, 4+ yrs.


·       RDF & SPARQL 1+ yrs

·       Java web server applications on Linux 2+ yrs

·       HTML 5 / CSS 3 experience

·       Mobile browser development

·       Internationalization experience

·       Secure application development practices

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