Rumie’s partners select their content from the Rumie LearnCloud, an online repository of free, offline-usable educational content. This platform was created to channel the power of the ‘crowd’ to source, curate, rate and translate the free educational content available online. Rumie is looking for someone who can take the lead in building and managing the LearnCloud global crowdsourcing community. This will be a user acquisition and product development role. This person will attract users, obtain their feedback, and work with our front-end web developer to apply their feedback and make it a useful resource. Rumie anticipates that people will use the LearnCloud for their own purposes, with the extra benefit of helping us find great free content to deliver to underserved kids around the world on tablets. 

Working at a startup means that roles are not clearly defined, so we’re looking for a self-starter who can figure out what is worthwhile to do and quickly see if something’s a waste of time!

You will:

  • identify target users, figure out what they want and need, determine how the LearnCloud can address that, and work with our front-end web developer to execute this
  • secure groups of beta testers and regularly engage them
  • plan and conduct focus groups
  • identify additional target user groups and engage them
  • research similar products and determine where ours fits in
  • work outside of the regular 9:00-5:00 day time frame, with freedom to plan your schedule

The ideal candidate:

  • has experience teaching or working in education and has used edtech resources in these settings
  • can provide concrete examples of working independently without much supervision
  • has experience designing and executing a project
  • has writing samples that show a strong ability to write in a friendly and clear manner
  • has examples of how he/she has been resourceful on the internet by using unique channels and approaches
  • has a basic understanding of statistical analysis and an ability to apply that to measure results

How to Apply
Look at our website (www.rumie.org) and our Facebook and Twitter pages. Then send your resume and answers (2-3 paragraphs each) to the questions below to info@rumie.orgIncomplete applications will not be considered.


    1. Rumie has the opportunity to talk to TWO the following FIVE organizations or people. Choose the two and explain your choice: how does it fit into how you perceive Rumie’s current strategic interests?
      • A mid-ranking person who works in global education at Unicef
      • A leading Social Entrepreneur who regularly speaks as keynote at large Social Entrepreneurship conferences
      • CEO of a multinational consumer products company with a $20 billion market capitalization
      • The head of an African NGO that seems interested in education
      • Someone relatively senior at Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development
    2. You’ve drawn up plans for what you think is the perfect device (both hardware and software) to use for aiding education in emerging markets. Describe how it would work and the key milestones for the first two years for bringing it to market.
    3. You have to recruit and engage an early group of LearnCloud users and have no leads – just the internet. Identify two demographic groups you would target and explain how you would approach and engage them.

About The Rumie Initiative

The Rumie Initiative is a non-profit tech startup with a social mission: to make education cheaper, better and faster for communities around the world. Named the world’s Best Social Startup in 2014, Rumie delivers open-source educational content to those who need it by collecting and organizing free educational content on its web platform, the LearnCloud, and delivering curated libraries of content to offline communities on $50 tablets. Tablets monitor usage and are implemented in the field by strong local partners. Rumie Tablets are currently being used in eight countries with plans underway in seven more.

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