What We Do

TL;DR — Consultancy/Incubator/School

The Hackerati is a high-end, boutique consulting firm delivering Engineering as a Service to diverse clients, from Fortune 250s to startups. Our core focus is funding employee startup ideas via our nascent incubator, Hackerati Labs. We also offer educational courses and seminars through Hackerati Academy.

Why You Should Join Us

TL;DR — We’re not afraid to be our wild selves.

We’re different. With mottos like be fearless and weird is good, our unique perspectives on life and technology make us great people to learn from and work/party with. We sponsor lunches and happy hours, band practice, electronics like Glass/Oculus/Myo, and we’ve presented at the UN—twice. We rock that familial vibe, and you should join us if you enjoy a blurred line between work and play.

What To Expect

TL;DR — Deliver the industry’s most challenging projects.

Hackerati consultants are like The Wolf from Pulp Fiction: we solve problems. Hard ones. To do so, we deploy teams of Hackerati to work onsite with clients around NYC, and also build products in-house, both for ourselves and clients. A typical project lasts between 6 and 9 months—say goodbye to getting stuck doing the same shit!

Exemplary scenarios:

  • joining an existing engineering team to:
    • help them meet a deadline on a project already in development
    • or help launch new products
  • establishing a core team for a startup to:
    • help them build their product from the ground up
    • and help build out their permanent team
  • insourcing a project from a non-NYC company
  • working on internal products for The Hackerati

Exemplary products:

  • native iOS and Android apps that support millions of users
  • fullstack web apps with API backends
  • e-commerce; e.g. real-time bidding
  • custom hardware and associated software design


  • have experience developing native Android apps with solid experience in Java, Android SDK, API stacks, and an understanding of data models and UI
  • have work that can be found in the Google Play app store
  • have a solid understanding of mobile app development including multi-threading, closures, generics, auto-layout, performance optimization and OOP architecture
  • are turned on by functional programming
  • are fearless about acquiring new skills

It would also be great if you…

  • have worked on an Agile team
  • have work that can be found in public repos on Github
  • know the difference between unit and functional testing and QA, and you know what stubs and mocks are
  • have mastered other software disciplines like fullstack web and Big Data
  • create in other mediums like music, poetry, paintings, videos, and comics

About the Team

We’re all hackers in our own disciplines—inventors who naturally defy conventional wisdom in the name of getting shit done. We specifically look for hackers with entrepreneurship in their DNA. Hackerati are visionary creators and explorers who are driven by curiosity and passion to improve the world around them.

We are doers and dreamers. 
We are students and teachers. 
We are scientists and artists.

We are The Hackerati.


Engineering as a Service

Our Engineering as a Service consulting model strays from existing models in the flexibility we offer our clients. We work in their stacks with their methodologies on their timelines. Our clients tell us this is why we’re chosen over standard consulting companies.

Work We’ve Done

In the last couple of years, we’ve worked on a broad range of projects, including fullstack Web (79M unique visitors per month), APIs, native mobile (iOS/Android with millions of downloads), mobile web, machine learning, natural language processing, Big Data (330+ TB/mo), realtime processing (10k events/second), wearable devices, and geospatial applications.

Hackerati Labs

In addition to working as consultants, all Hackerati will have the opportunity to secure funding for their own startup ideas through Hackerati Labs, allowing them to maintain salary and benefits purely by developing their startups. As we continue to accrue revenue from EaaS to allow this platform to come to fruition, we will provide entrepreneurship and engineering mentoring, as well as legal, sales, marketing, and financial support. In order to surface the best startup ideas, we’ve cultivated a unique culture that elevates innovation to a first-class citizen, alongside execution.

Hackerati Academy

Finally, Hackerati Academy is our engineering training ground where we build and expand a foundation of good habits and best practices. The Academy enables all employees to continue to learn and teach new technologies, and also offers courses and symposiums to the general public.

The Hackerati is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and is an affirmative action employer. We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, or Veteran status.

To all recruitment agencies: The Hackerati does not accept agency résumés. Please do not forward résumés via our system or by email to The Hackerati’s employees. The Hackerati is not responsible for any fees related to unsolicited résumés.

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