TetraScience (www.tetrascience.com) is an Internet-of-Things startup from Harvard and MIT that builds wifi-connected scientific instruments. Our
technology allows chemists and biologists to monitor and control their experiments from their computers or cellphones.  The tools in our first
portfolio include web-connected cameras, thermocouples, and electrical switches for laboratories.  Moreover, scientists can manage their data
easily from the web and share their knowledge with colleagues.  At the moment, we have paying customers and are deployed at top labs around Boston.

Our vision is to connect every scientific tool to the cloud and provide a software/hardware platform for remote monitoring and control, data
management and scientific analytics.

TetraScience is part of the Harvard Innovation Laboratory (i-Lab) .

We are looking for engineering interns who love solving difficult problems,who are keen to put their work in the hands of customers quickly, and who have a passion for positively impacting the world.

Renumeration may include wage and stock in the startup, based on experience, work performed and interest.  Access to the Harvard i-Lab and
community provided.

Skills of interest:
Python, Flask, API design
Hardware and industrial design
Programming embedded linux system
Micro-controller programming
Database and network
Javascript, Front-end framework
Amazon Web Services / Google Cloud Platform

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