Wanted: a full-time full stack engineer who aspires to build beautiful, data-driven products.

If you love to write code and think way too much about the design of everyday things, give us a ring. Also if any of the following are true, we’d love to hear from you:

  • Craigslist makes you want to gouge your eyes out.
  • You love traversing the interface between the front and backend.
  • You spent way too much time playing with legos as a child.
  • Even when you’re not at work, you find yourself creating things.

As a company, we are deeply dedicated to learning, both for our students and employees. Don’t worry about your experience coming in, we’ll be there to help you learn the ropes of our awesomely built Django/Python backend and Backbone/Coffeescript frontend. If nothing else, we promise you’ll come out a engineering ninja.

Who are we? We’re Testive and we build world class learning tools. We spend our days creating blends between people and technology. Machines are good at algorithms, analytics, and automation, and humans are good at thinking, personalizing, and motivating. We make online platforms that combine the best of both worlds: the insight of software and the inspiration of a great teacher.

Still interested? Drop us a line at lee@testive.com

About Testive

We believe that all students deserve access to personalized education.  We pair the technology that makes that possible with the mentorship that allows students to go further.  Testive helps busy students raise their SAT/ACT scores higher, faster.  With personalized learning software developed at MIT and 1-on-1 instruction from 99th percentile coaches, Testive students stay motivated and accountable.  Our free software is used globally by over 130k students and Testive's coaching program has results 4X the industry average.Testive is a graduate of the Techstars startup accelerator.  We are group of technologists and educators who have fun at work and approach everything with a bias towards learning. We firmly believe that online learning can bring higher quality learning experiences than a classroom setting ever could, to everyone. We’re looking for people who are passionate about shaking things up and making that happen.  

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