QuickTapSurvey is a mobile survey and data collection platform that lets users create their own surveys and gather responses using tablets and smartphones without an Internet connection. It’s packed with features and is used by over 4000 customers in 80 countries. And our company is growing. The opportunities – for our product, and our people – are endless. We need a Technical Lead Developer with strong leadership abilities and extensive experience developing web-based applications in Java Enterprise Edition and preferably some hands-on knowledge of mobile applications.  We need someone who wants to mentor a team and continue to grow their own coding knowledge.

Here are just some of the challenges we’ve set up for our new Technical Lead Developer (and this is just for the first six months!):

  • Add the awesome: You will collaborate with the design and engineering teams to redesign our web application interface so that it accurately reflects how awesome we are.
  • Mentor and lead the engineering team: You will work one-on-one, and as as a group with the team to ensure good coding practices are being followed, and that everyone has what they need to do their work.
  • Build and implement process: You will establish processes for the engineering team.  And oversee the adoption of the processes.
  • Keep up-to-date and grow your own skills: You will design and implement new features as well as  conduct code reviews.
  • Manage and set priorities: You will help to plan releases, prioritize features, coordinate bug resolutions.

If you are stuck in a box at a bigger company and you are ready to break free and come to an environment where you can shape the future of your career, your team, your product, and the company, you will want to consider our opportunity. This role is for someone who craves exposure, growth and challenge.  We want a team leader who will thrive in an autonomous environment where there is none of the red tape and all of the visibility. Your coding expertise will be critical but so will your ability to create processes where they are needed, and lead a team that is growing – in size, in skill, and in deliverables.

So how do we know that you are the next Technical Lead Developer for QuickTapSurvey?  You can:

  • Do it all: Product development and people management. You can manage a growing team and lead them by example. You can build, test and deliver software applications.
  • Set the tone, set the pace, and keep up.  You are a leader helping to guide and mentor other developers; pushing them to do their best, try new things, follow good coding practices, and generally adopt our work-hard-play-hard mantra.
  • Ramp up quickly.  We work clean and fast with continuous integration.  Some of our technologies and methodologies might be new to you but you love a good challenge and like any gamer, you always want to beat the clock.
  • Collaborate like a boss.  We use Slack internally to manage how we communicate and collaborate. We share codes and solutions; tricks and tips.  Our goal is for everyone to excel and our product and company to shine.
  • Charm us with your communication style, your wit, and your in-depth technical knowledge.

Culture-fit is really important to us, we need someone who can step in, step up, and step forward with us.  We need senior developer who loves code but who will also lead, motivate, mentor, and work side-by-side with the team.  An expert Senior Developer (4+ years) preferably with some Front-End and UX specialty; definitely with the following:

  • Java Enterprise Edition (JSP, servlets, etc)
  • Web and Java design patterns
  • Spring MVC and Spring frameworks
  • Hibernate
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Git / GitHub
  • XML & JSON
  • MySQL Database Server
  • SQL language
  • HTML / CSS
  • JUnit
  • OSX shell commands
  • Apache Tomcat Server v6 & v7
  • Apache HTTP Server

Big bonus points if you have experience with: Scalable web architecture design; Amazon Web Services (EC2, SES, S3, CloudWatch, etc); Gradle; Jenkins

Why join QuickTapSurvey?

We are a small team doing big things. QuickTapSurvey was started in 2010 by two friends in a basement office. Our goal was to make data collection pain-free, fun and interactive. It’s 2015 and we have experienced explosive growth.  We have thousands of customers from around the world that are excited to be part of what we do.  We’ve also ditched that basement for a downtown Toronto office. Despite our growth, we hold onto the same values as we did at the beginning: listen to customers and make their lives easier.

Joining QuickTapSurvey means more than free beer.  It’s more than working with a group of super smart people.  This is a chance to  work directly with the founders of the company; a chance to propose ideas directly to decision makers and know you’ve made an impact. Our vision and the way we work is truly Agile with continuous integration that eliminates frustration and capitalizes on momentum.

We want new talent to help us grow and evolve. In return we offer exposure to new technologies and platforms; opportunity to stretch yourself and build your skillset; and an innovation-is-welcome environment.

About QuickTapSurvey

QuickTapSurvey was started in 2010 by two friends in a basement office. Their goal was to make data collection pain-free, fun and interactive. Since then we've grown considerably. Our software is built and supported by our amazing team in Toronto, Canada and we have customers all over the world. Despite our growth, we hold onto the same values as we did at the beginning: listen to customers and make their lives easier.

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