You will be an integral part of our fast-growing design team. Expect to “own” a few brands – build a design language from the ground up, and be accountable for its effectiveness and evolution. We are rolling out an internal analytics platform now that you’ll be able to use to test multiple visions of these sites. We want you passionate about what our brands mean and can incubate your career growth if it’s focused in building fantastic business-centric UI/UX.


We’re building out our own new office space right now and want your input on the perfect working environment. Join us fast so you can steer us in the right direction!


  • You’re a messenger of beautiful UI/UX and functional consumer interfaces.
  • Your written and copywriting skills are an asset, not a liability.
  • If you need a feature to convey something, you know when to use imagery, text, interactivity, and can contribute with each.
  • You can traverse the entire “design stack”: illustration to page layout, to HTML and CSS, to JS if needed.
  • You have knowledge of web standards/web browser capabilities and can design for all.
  • You’re authorized to work for any employer in the U.S.


  • You’ve done formal A/B or multivariate testing.
  • You’re a design hacker. You’re just as comfortable planning a new branding initiative as you are whipping up whatever needs to be done to please the end-user or client.
  • You’ve been exposed to a backend coding or an MVC framework.
  • You’ve been exposed to intense Javascript and/or Node.js and/or JS frameworks, clean API design. We’re a team full of tech polyglots and use the best tool for the job, but enjoy experimenting too.
  • You’ve built something weird and strange from the ground up before.
  • You have hobbies that you take more seriously than hobbies.

About Talent Inc.

Talent Inc. is redefining how job seekers brand themselves to employers. We offer talented, rigorous professionals the opportunity to join the largest and most successful personal career branding service in the world. Everyone in our team has the latitude to create superior work and grow their experience in a progressive, meritocratic environment. We're the biggest and brightest in a universal and world-wide market and we're excited about crafting its future.THE CHALLENGEWe need your eye to invent great logos, color palettes, and flesh out web pages. We need your brain to get inside the head of our customers and partners. In the next year we're building both enterprise dashboards that need a great skinning, and revamping dozens of web entities.

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