Hired is transforming the way industry-leading companies hire top tech and sales talent. Through our two-sided curated marketplace, we empower candidates to navigate the difficulties and demands of the job search effortlessly, efficiently, and effectively. Over the last two years, we’ve expanded our platform to thousands of candidates and hundreds of companies, raising $33MM in funding from top venture capital firms and opening offices in cities from LA to New York to London along the way.

About the Job

A Talent Advocate is the guide for engineers while they go through the Hired platform. They are experienced in the ways of navigating the technology jobs market. They provide guidance on how to interview, what to prepare for, and they make sure at the end of the day the final offers are something that the candidate understands and is ultimately happy with. They are the experts that engineers can lean on.

Our next Talent Advocate should have a firm understanding of not just tech, but start-up recruiting and the crazy demand for engineers locally. You’ll be working with around 80-100 candidates a month (hand delivered by our awesome marketing and curation team) to guide them in our marketplace setting. A Talent Advocate does not simply care about getting someone a job but improving every detail that goes into finding an awesome opporuntity.

In the first few weeks Talent Advocates will be trained on not just how to document things in salesforce but how to leverage our tools and touch points to work with a large number of candidates all actively searching. After ramping up with more candidates they will quickly learn about client needs, candidate nuences, important value adds and be ready to work at scale. Talent Advocates will know when to push, when to get a revised offer and generally be a kick ass consultant to anyone searching for an engineering job.

Talent Advocates are not graded on endless metrics. Talent Advocates work towards team hiring goals and creating the best job search experience.


Help candidates prep to “go live” during an auction cycle (profile polishing, best practices and identifying important factors to candidates job search).

  • As auction cycle continues, work with candidate to identifying best fit and manage priorities efficiently.
  • Prep candidates for technical interviews and on-sites at scale.
  • Keeping dozens of hiring processes on track simultaneously – including providing guidance, gathering feedback and pushing job processes forward.
  • Developing new process for matching engineers with new job opportunities.
  • Providing feedback to the engineering team that will make the market place more efficient.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • 2-6 years of experience working as an recruiter, sales or community management. Will also consider project managers or developers looking to move into a non-technical, product role.
  • BS/BA degree or equvalent experience
  • Must have a passion for technology and people
  • Must be detail, solution and process oriented
  • We are an in office culture. Flexibility is fine but most Talent Advovates work Monday – Friday 9-6 and are available on weekends when need be
  • Team player – we’re in this for the growth of our company

About Hired

Hired is a two-sided, curated marketplace that connects the world's knowledge workers to the best opportunities in an efficient, effective, and easy-to-use manner. We believe recruiting should be transparent, unbiased, and that the talent should be in control. Our one week “auctions” provide our users with multiple upfront offers from vetted companies and support from an internal talent advocate team dedicated to ensuring a smooth and successful process. Users that take a job through Hired are given a $2,000 hiring bonus as a token of our appreciation.

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