We at Red Balloon Security are working on all new cyber security for the rapidly growing embedded device market.  What we do is incredibly difficult but incredibly rewarding.  What we believe in is all embedded devices will need host-based defenses in order to ward off malware and intrusions.  As part of the work we do, you will be getting your hands into hardware tear down, experiment with offensive and defensive research on a variety of embedded systems. 

The key markets for us include enterprise equipment, unified communications, SCADA, Internet-of-Things, network infrastructure and more — just to give an idea of the universe of devices we work on. 

Here is a video of founder Ang Cui: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Q4JKMZN9LQ 

We are looking for someone to:

* Design and implement host-based defense software for black-box embedded devices.

* Design and implement automated hardware/software testing infrastructure.

* Conduct offensive and defensive research on embedded hardware and software.

* Contribute to the FRAK (Firmware Reverse Analysis Konsole) framework.

* Perform hardware and software reverse engineering on embedded devices.

* Automate vulnerability identification for embedded software. 

Required Skills and Qualifications:

* BA/BS required in computer science, engineering or related major.

* Proficiency in hardware and software reverse engineering.

* Experience with low-level software design and implementation.

* Understanding of modern software design and engineering practices.

* High level of self-initiative and self-motivation. 

Preferred Skills and Qualifications:

* Experience with ARM / MIPS / PPC assembly languages.

* Strong understanding of OS design and implementation.

* Strong understanding of software vulnerabilities and practical exploitation techniques.


$100K – $150K Salary

0.5% – 1.5% Equity


Red Balloon Security is an Equal Opportunity Employer of minorities, women, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities.


About Red Balloon Security

Red Balloon Security offers Symbiote, the first host-based cyber security defense for any connected device. Symbiote works on all embedded devices: regardless of operating system, on any CPU, on any hardware platform and without requiring the manufacturer to divulge their source code and without requiring any changes whatsoever to the hardware design or BOM.  This allows the company to deploy with a single platform and product that works across a fractured landscape of embedded equipment.The technology was developed in connection with Columbia University and the Department of Defense. Our customers are government agencies and the military, and high profile commercial manufacturers.  Our markets of focus are network equipment, enterprise gear, unified communications devices, point-of-sale machines, vehicle control, SCADA and Internet-of-Things.   The operating team consists of two of the world's top security experts and the former managing director of Techstars R/GA Accelerator.  

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