StickOutSocial LLC is looking for a skilled Senior Level Software Engineer to lead a new development team to maintain and implement high-volume consumer-facing websites and e-commerce applications. You will be working directly with a front-end web developer to collaborate on current and future web and iOS development projects.

Development Responsibilities:

As a Sr. Developer, it is your job to consistently evaluate code efficacy and standards to provide real-time optimization within a focused, fast-paced, and team-oriented environment. By proactively encouraging and guiding innovation to site performance, your responsibilities include the full execution to final delivery of back-end work.


Here are some things you might be doing in the first 6 months:

Work with development team and break down projects into implementable pieces.
Implement project requirements in Python/Django or CSS/HTML and JavaScript in the editor of your choosing

Here are some things you might be doing in a given week:

Run your code through performance profilers and speed up your slow code.
Talk to the other developers about how to improve your skills, use new technology, or just to show them something interesting you’ve come across.

Here is what we are looking for in a Sr. Web Application Developer:

  • Willingness and ability to adapt and learn
  • Team-oriented individual with strong communications skills (both oral and written)
  • Excellent problem solving skills and troubleshooting skills. Must be able to quickly assess problems and determine proper steps to resolution.

Desired Skills:

  • 5+ years experience building Web Applications in Python using the Django framework, or relevant experience with other scripting languages and frameworks such as PHP/Symfony, PHP/CodeIgniter, Ruby on Rails, C#/.Net, ASP/.Net, etc.
  • Understand software design patterns (Prototype, Factory, Builder, etc.) and software development principles such as DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) and SSOT (Single Source Of Truth)
  • Plain, raw, vanilla SQL with MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Microsoft SQL, or ORMs such as LINQ2SQL and Hibernate
  • Plain, raw, vanilla JavaScript.
  • Web front-end frameworks such as angularJS, EmberJS, or Backbone.js
  • Strong knowledge of the following: Big O Notation, Sorting Algorithms, Data Structures, Tree Traversal, and Graph Theory (Bonus)


This is not just a job – it’s a career! Our work environment is social, upbeat and fun.  StickOutSocial offers competitive salaries with the opportunity to work in an enjoyable work setting.

About StickOutSocial LLC

StickOutSocial turns web-based business ideas into profitable companies with a dedicated team of developers, designers, marketers, salespeople & analysts.  We're here because we love to come to work everyday. With new challenges, ideas, and industries popping up each day, we continue to collaborate together to develop innovative solutions for our clients. We believe in the individual & in what each of us brings to the table and respect our differences in the creative process. The digital age is fast-paced & we're determined to stay one step ahead.  Innovation motivates us.  Dependability keeps us growing.  Honesty keeps us happy.

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