Marketing Lead – SF (reports Head of Operations)
-Responsible for raising awareness about the event in the community to promote attendance
-Direct email marketing to potential job seekers and startups
-Coordinate with tech, entrepreneurship, startup groups and career service departments to tell them about our event
-Partner with co-working spaces and other community organizations
 -Performance based on actual attendance of event in # of startup and job seekers
 -Event Attendance: Required, if local; Optional, otherwise
 -Commitment: Flexible hours; can be pursued as part time job for the right candidate
 Director of SF (reports to Head of Operations)
-All of the above Marketing responsibilities plus oversight and responsibility for event production, key sponsors and sales.
-Point person and 100% responsible for successful event production in coordination with centralized job fair ops
-Relationship management with sponsors and driver of sponsorship sales
-Recruitment of volunteers
-Event Attendance: Required
-Commitment: Flexible hours; can be pursued as part time job for the right candidate
Critical Criteria
-Must be proactive about tasks and responsibilities
-Thinks of creative approaches and completes them without being asked
-Replies to email, text, call in a timely fashion
-Completes tasks that are requested
-Free to chat with teammates at flexible times
-Ready to help wherever we need you as things change
-Tolerant of variable pay structure
-Team player
-Positive attitude about the tasks and a self-less contributor
-Someone that is passionate and going to work harder then everyone to get the job done

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