We are looking for rock star software engineers who think in MVC solutions, who position themselves at the cutting edge of technology and who excel in collaborative, fast-paced environments.



* Objective-C, Swift, iOS8, Xcode 6 

* Core Services (Address Book, Calendar, Core Data, Location) 

* Third-party: Cocoa Pods, AFNetworking, TestFlight 

* REST API: Parse, Twilio, Mailgun, Google, LinkedIn 

* Javascript, Python, Django (preferable)



* 3+ years of professional software development experience.

* Product instinct: a knack for what users want and need.

* Great UI/UX and design instincts. A portfolio of graceful and functional apps.

* A calling to build excellent products at the forefront of machine learning and mobile.

About Stack AI

Stack is an AI-enhanced mobile tool for master networking. It assists you to build and maintain stronger relationships with people in your professional network.We took core principles from complex CRM systems and created a simple, actionable mobile interface for managing connections. We integrate with email, calendar and contacts for a seamless experience. We even remind you to get back in touch with people important to you.

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