• are fluent in native iOS development and have work that can be found in the App Store
  • have a solid understanding of mobile app development including multi-threading, closures, generics, auto-layout, performance optimization and OOP architecture
  • are able to build sleek, sexy user interfaces and engaging animations
  • have experience in or are eager to learn Swift
  • are turned on by functional programming
  • are fearless about acquiring new skills

It would also be great if you…

  • have worked on an Agile team
  • have work that can be found in public repos on Github
  • know the difference between unit and functional testing and QA, and you know what stubs and mocks are
  • have mastered other software disciplines like fullstack web and Big Data
  • create in other mediums like music, poetry, paintings, videos, and comics

About The Hackerati

The Hackerati was founded as a platform for entrepreneurial engineers to develop and launch their own businesses through Hackerati Labs. Funding for these ventures comes from Engineering as a Service. This onshore, Agile, pay-as-you-go consulting model enables startups and large corporations alike to deliver advanced projects in Web, Mobile, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, geospatial, and wearable technologies. We also offer entrepreneurial and technical training through Hackerati Academy. We strive to guide, teach, and enable hackers everywhere—starting right here in New York City.

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