Luminoso is looking to add a couple of software engineers to help us attack the problems of natural language processing on a large scale. As we work with ever increasing amounts of data, we particularly need individuals with the expertise to design the right ways to handle all that data, reliably and with high availability. Not only do we need to store and search the data, we also need to feed it efficiently through our awesome text analysis pipeline, in batches or in ongoing streams.

For this job, we require the courage to solve new problems with distributed NoSQL systems, the serenity to use PostgreSQL when it’s the right tool for the job, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Write, test, and refactor Python code for improved natural language processing;
  • Working in an Agile environment
  • Design databases and other storage systems that interact with the code, in a way that is resilient and fast;
  • Participate in code review and scrum meetings;
  • Collaborate with the Operations and Development teams to tackle the high scalability challenges that come with rapid growth.
  • We require experience with:
    Software development on Linux
 Experience with the following is a bonus:
A Python REST framework (e.g. Flask or Django)

Python 3
Mongo DB

 We particularly seek individuals with sharp and tenacious troubleshooting capability. Strong communication skills and willingness to take initiative are also desired.

About Luminoso

Our technology derives understanding by merging computational knowledge with an innate awareness of context. It grows and learns over time, without human supervision. Our system isn't built on a formal set of structures, so we're not limited by keywords or pre-existing categories. This embedded understanding gives it the ability to create connections and tease out meaning on the fly. Instead of just finding the key words, Luminoso can find the key concepts, ideas, thoughts, and feelings that drive consumers' choices

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