Amity helps companies keep their customers

The software business is changing. Companies are moving to the cloud and selling their software as a service (SaaS) with recurring subscription fees and usage charges. In this new model, delivering customer value is critical to the long term viability of the business. Software companies are establishing Customer Success departments with professionals dedicated to customer adoption and retention.

The Amity platform was built from the ground-up to help Customer Success teams dramatically improve customer acquisition, onboarding, retention, and growth.

Amity is a funded startup with teams in San Francisco, Toronto, and Ottawa.


Who we’re looking for

We really care about usability, software craftsmanship and collaboration.  We are proud of our product and love working with people who take the same pride in their work.

We know that there is no single path to becoming a world-class developer. For that reason, we’re interested in talking to people from a variety of backgrounds.

You’ll be successful at Amity if you

  • Are passionate about writing quality code and doing things right the first time

  • Enjoy collaborating with others to build a great product

  • Take initiative and are accountable to yourself and the team

  • Learn quickly and like to share your knowledge

  • Have a customer service mindset and can empathize with our users

  • Have strong communication skills and a sense of humour 

Professional software development experience is a must. The ideal candidate has:

  • Built dynamic web applications with well-crafted HTML and CSS

  • Written and shipped production code in Python, Angular JS, JavaScript

  • Designed and implemented software that can be tested with automation and reused by other people in different projects

  • Experience working with both relational and NoSQL databases

  • Written software that consumes data from REST APIs and works even when those APIs become unreliable or unavailable

  • Written and maintained unit and end-to-end test code

  • Experience with Agile development processes and continuous integration and deployment

  • Worked with either Linux or OS X, and is familiar with system administration and tools

 This role reports directly to the VP of Engineering.


Why you want to work here

We are a passionate team that works hard to build a great product that people rely on daily. Everyone at Amity wants to make our customers successful.

Customer success management software is an emerging market with a lot of opportunity. As an early employee, your growth is unlimited.

In addition, we offer

  • Competitive compensation

  • Stock options

  • Full health benefits (when available)

  • Flexible work hours

  • A new Macbook Pro

Amity’s Toronto office is located in the OneEleven startup accelerator in the Financial District. OneEleven is Canada’s home for top-tier entrepreneurs and has a vibrant tech community and weekly events. The building has access to the PATH and is one block from the Osgoode subway station.


Our technology

We have a modern and diverse technology stack that consists of

  • Front end applications – JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery, HTML5, CSS

  • REST API endpoints and application tier – Python

  • Operational data – MongoDB

  • Infrastructure and monitoring – Amazon Web Services, Loggly, New Relic, Zookeeper

  • Build and test automation – Vagrant, Bamboo, Protractor, Webdriver, Karma, Jasmine, and nose

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