Fall Semester (September – December) or Winter Semester (January – April)

Who are we looking for? 

·         Are you high energy and passionate with a fondness for big, messy data? 
·         Do you have the ability to herd cats and manage the chaos of an early stage company?
·         Are you majoring in Computer Science, Machine Learning, or Mathematics?
·         Do you have a healthy attention to detail and an unnatural affection for deadlines?



What would you be working on? 



As an Intern, you will be working closely with Simulmedia’s Science team to identify high value audiences in under-valued TV inventory and to generate insights never before seen by the TV advertising industry.  


Some projects the Science team is currently thinking about include developing methods to overlay demographic data onto event data; developing forecasts of program tune in and campaign performance; developing methods for weighing convenience samples using population aggregates; analyzing Hadoop system performance analysis and hive query optimization using R, Tableau, Hadoop tools and Excel but are open to adding to the list.


This is a unique opportunity to work closely with a group of really smart, motivated people who enjoy working at start-ups and keep doing it over and over again.

About Simulmedia

Simulmedia is an Ad Tech company focused on TV. We operate an audience-driven ad network and a proprietary technology platform.  Simulmedia sells TV advertising campaigns that are targeted, measurable, and cost efficient using ad inventory reaching 115 million households and the world’s largest database of TV viewership. Our core belief is: The future of video advertising will be audience-centric, and it will grow within TV’s walled-garden for the foreseeable future.  Our mission is: “Simulmedia exists to make advertising better for advertisers, media owners and consumers in a world where media is increasingly fragmented.” 

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