As Manufacturing Assembler (3D Printing Engineer I) you will report to the Production Team Lead and you will be responsible for the virtual aspect of order fulfillment. You will be tasked with daily manual checks of our customer’s 3D renderings to determine printability across various production technologies. At the same time, you will become intimately familiar with the entire manufacturing process, in order to make sound judgments and provide critical feedback on whether models can be made given varied material parameters. Lastly, you will be required to perform basic machine tasks related to daily production, including cleaning high tech machinery, homogenizing powder for print runs and basic factory upkeep.



(Manufacturing Assemblers (3D Printing Engineer I) will be trained on industry-specific 3D printing technologies and software)

  • Daily manual checks of customer’s 3D renderings to determine printability across various production technologies and materials parameters
  • Focus on uptime, with a goal to reduce equipment failure, identify root causes, create preventative maintenance best practices and improvements to equipment
  • Clean and operate state of the art 3D printers
  • Homogenizing powder for print runs
  • Provide input for automation to enable scaling of the service
  • Provide feedback to our product team on material properties and design rules
  • Helping with factory upkeep and cleaning to ensure products are created in a safe and efficient environment



  • MUST HAVE (NO EXCEPTIONS) 1-3 years of work experience in a world class manufacturing environment
  • Understands KPI-driven performance and how to prioritize based on the demands of on-time delivery
  • Huge appetite to learn and develop in the manufacturing space
  • Good spatial awareness, meticulous and organized
  • Love to drive change and continuous improvement by taking initiative and helping others (Lean Six Sigma experience a plus)
  • Are a constructive team player with good social & communication skills, also in situations where electronic communication is the only available medium
  • Able to lift 50kgs
  • Able to work weekends (potentially full time)
  • Able to work outside “typical” (9:00am-6:00pm) work hours (potentially full time)

About Shapeways

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