So let’s talk about you, a stellar iOS engineer.


You’ve seen the light that is ARC but cringe at the improper use of __bridge casts. You’ve tamed the beast that is CoreData and have executed schema migrations without a hitch. Your syncing code works seamlessly with a clever dose of Cocoa’s KVC. UIViews submit to your will as you get that CoreAnimation effect timed just right. While you long for a life without brackets and verbosity, you respect the genius that is Objective-C.


As an iOS Engineer at SevenRooms, you are:


- A passionate software engineer that is excited by tough challenges and building elegant products

- A team player that leverages everyone’s expertise to deliver the best product possible

- Always learning so your skills grow with the company

- Impacting our company and industry every day you come to work


We like:

- 2+ years professional software development experience

- Have developed iOS apps that are in production

- Strong Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, and XCode experience

- Much python

- Such Django

- So git

- Wow


We take care of you:

-Medical, dental, vision

-Unlimited vacation

-Private office space in Chelsea

-Free drinks and snacks

-Tornado Elite Foosball Table


Day to day:

-Small team, big responsibility

-Direct input on product direction

-Attacking unique market problems

-We like new ideas


Show us your Github/Bitbucket, or if you don’t have any code samples, send us a solution to our coding challenge: https://github.com/sevenrooms/nyse_code_challenge


SEVENROOMS is a cloud and mobile based concierge platform, delivering Access-as-a-Service (AaaS) to qualified networks of individuals, membership groups, merchants and partners, enabling them to reduce costs, increase revenue and foster customer loyalty through controlled and personalized experiences.Entities using SEVENROOMS to deliver cost-effective member and client benefit services include credit card issuers, financial institutions and exclusive membership organizations. Partners providing premium access to exclusive goods and services on SEVENROOMS include premier dining, nightlife, entertainment and lifestyle brands.

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