EverTrue is looking to add a senior member to heavily influence the technical direction of an existing motivated team. This team currently owns projects that span both Ruby and Java tech stacks. A background in both is desired but depth in the Ruby stack is required.

The ideal candidate would have an interest in moving into an Technical Lead position that would encompass a greater attention to detail in managing the team.

Just some of the tough problems we could use a big brain for:
-Be a lead on how our microservices should be designed and scaled
-Scaling out core data services to handle billions of data points
-Creating new algorithms to understand behavioral patterns as it pertains to the intersection of social and philanthropic activity.

You will….
-Have a deploy button :-)
-Be challenged to write readable code in a performance critical environment
-Be the owner of multiple projects and have the autonomy to drive them to success
-Be a welcomed contributor to projects that interest you even if you don’t own them
-Be expected to evaluate and rationalize when to take a short term vs long term approach to engineering solutions
-Have a measurable feedback loop with your team lead
-Change the world for non-profit organizations, you can count on it
-Work with folks who know more about homebrewing than you could possibly imagine (…Seriously, it’s a little weird)

Preferred Qualifications
-A bachelors degree in Computer Science or related field of study
-Ruby and/or Java or other related languages
-Experience with highly concurrent & distributed systems
-Holistic perspective on both front-end and back-end best practices

Our Tech Stack
-Data Infrastructure – Cassandra, Redis, Memcached, MySQL, ZooKeeper, Spark, Storm, and likely Kafka in the near future
-API’s – Rails w/ Raptor & Java w/ Dropwizard, migrating to a mesos model
-Servers – EC2, automated by Chef

About EverTrue

Our CEO Brent Grinna founded EverTrue to bring the technological advances of the for-profit sector to the mission-driven nonprofit world. Our nonprofit advancement tools identify & prioritize prospects using capacity & affinity insights from social media integration. Today, more than 250 nonprofit institutions use EverTrue’s software, services, and support to develop better data, deeper relationships, and richer insights on their donors.

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