You will be the founding member of the newly-formed dev ops team at Salsify.  In order to do this, you must lead projects and be able to understand what infrastructure is needed and when. You will be a key member of the engineering team and will be responsible for Salsify’s SaaS operations, automation, metrics, infrastructure, and reporting. You love to code, primarily to make your engineering team more productive. You will ideally have been at a startup and seen it through a high growth trajectory and are intimately familiar with the decisions and implementations taken at each point in that growth curve.

To apply, please e-mail jobs@salsify.com and CC: jchu@salsify.com and cdemartino@salsify.com

About Salsify

We're an early-stage, venture-backed startup looking to change the way brands and retailers collaborate in the e-commerce world. Salsify provides a SaaS platform for manufacturers, distributors and retailers to manage the core of their business – products.   Salsify’s global product network connects companies across the entire supply chain. We have hundreds of brands storing millions of products in Salsify already – and this is only the beginning. The potential is that one day every single product sold online or off will passed through Salsify. We offer generous benefits, flexible vacation, choose your gear, family friendly and excellent collaborative team environment. 

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