Help the world become a more informed place. Work out of the Ryerson DMZ.

Work out of the hottest startup space in Toronto – Ryerson Digital Media Zone (Yonge and Dundas).

Interested in running your own start up or working for an emerging company? You get to work side by side with me (Stavros) and learn the ins and outs of getting a startup off the ground with limited resources and turning ideas into business outcomes.

What we do:

• Expertise finder software for organizations (SaaS)
• Platform of academic experts
• Founded by a journalist (Stavros) and a programmer (Ebrahim).

Type of Opportunity:

Internship (full-time summer position, May 4 – August 28)

Job Description:

We sell to universities and professors across North America. You will be at the heart of our sales outreach. From tracking down leads (research) to calling you will be an essential part of building and executing our sales strategy. Learn these skills and you will be very employable. We want you to work with us not for us. Let’s talk about how you want to develop yourself and gain experience.

Our Commitment To You:

Learning. After the summer you will understand real world online selling, it’s in high demand. We use lots of web tools and tricks that will make you a lean mean web machine and we placed to run or work for a startup.

Respect. It’s a two way street. You work with us not for us.

Fun. You have 24/7 access to the coolest workspace in Toronto – the DMZ.

Less is more. We focus on working smarter, not clocking hours. Working smart means having the time to do things you love so you can always recharge your batter.

How to Apply:

Send LinkedIn profile URL and a short paragraph why interested.

About Expertise Finder

Expertise Finder builds experts directories that increase organizations’ brand recognition. Expertise Finder is a leader in creating university and college experts directories. The directories offer unparalleled search, are Google SEO optimized, mobile-friendly and intuitive. This leads to greater attention for brands from both internal and external channels.

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