Hired is the first career marketplace for talent and the breath of fresh air that the broken recruiting industry needs. We’re on a mission to disrupt the $400B industry with our technology-driven marketplace that not only creates a radically better and more transparent career search experience for candidates, but also fundamentally changes recruiting by shortening time-to-hire and maximizing efficiency for clients.

With our Series B funding announcement last year, we launched into Sales. This is where you come into play. Roll up your sleeves and help us change the sales recruiting landscape.

About the Job

A Talent Advocate guides the experience for candidates while they’re on the Hired platform. They’re the grease that helps ensure that candidates have a frictionless experience. They provide guidance on how to interview, what to prepare for and make sure at the end of the day the candidate has a valuable experience on Hired and becomes a promoter of the platform. Think of a Talent Advocate as a candidate’s own personal Customer Success Manager. The ultimate measure of a TA’s effectiveness is Net Promoter Score and consultative value, not convincing a candidate to take a job.

We consider many backgrounds for the Talent Advocate role, but many of our TA’s have cut their teeth in Sales in customer success or account management, or also in the recruiting industry. Our Talent Advocates believe that recruiting is broken and needs to become more candidate-centric. They have the internal drive to place people at jobs while maintaining a high EQ, ensuring a great candidate experience above all else.


Your job is to consult and maximize the experience for approved candidates on the Hired marketplace. This fits into two key areas of candidate support:

  1. Preparing candidates to “go live” on Hired:
    • Onboarding, polishing their profile, educating on best practices and identifying important factors that can positively impact a candidate’s job search.
  2. Helping candidates navigate the Hired experience and optimize for their success on the platform:
    • Work with candidates to identify best fit and manage priorities efficiently.
    • Prep candidates for interviews and on-sites at scale.
    • Keep dozens of hiring processes on track simultaneously: provide guidance, gather feedback and push job processes forward.
    • Process improvement: can you think of better, more productive workflows? Shout it out.
    • Provide feedback to the various internal teams (product, engineering, marketing) that will improve the candidate experience and make the marketplace more efficient.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • 2-5 years of experience working as a recruiter, customer success, or account manager
  • Team player. We’re in this for the growth of our company and the communities we represent
  • BS/BA degree or equivalent experience
  • Must have a passion for people and changing the recruiting industry
  • Must be detail- and solution-oriented
  • BS/BA degree or equivalent experience

About Hired

Hired is a two-sided, curated marketplace that connects the world's knowledge workers to the best opportunities in an efficient, effective, and easy-to-use manner. We believe recruiting should be transparent, unbiased, and that the talent should be in control. Our one week “auctions” provide our users with multiple upfront offers from vetted companies and support from an internal talent advocate team dedicated to ensuring a smooth and successful process. Users that take a job through Hired are given a $2,000 hiring bonus as a token of our appreciation.

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