• Work closely with product designers to implement scalable and highly reliable systems that drive our analytics dashboards

  • Drive development of internal and external APIs

  • Integrate external data sources with Roomi

  • Scale existing backend systems to handle ever increasing amounts of traffic and new product requirements

  • Help make our development practices better and reduce friction from idea to deployment

  • Mentor junior engineers and set the stage for personal growth



  • Familiarity with supporting security protocols

  • Experience with building and using analytics libraries

  • 2+ years in web application development experience

  • Four year undergraduate engineering degree from a strong engineering program

  • Fluency in AWS, SQL

  • Prior experience in engineering capacity in financial industry

  • Entrepreneurial experience and drive

  • Experience building an engineering team

About Roomi

Roomi is the only free mobile app that helps people find the right room or roommate safely and easily.Finding the right apartment can be stressful, and finding the right roommate can be downright agonizing. With its easy-to-use and secure platform, Roomi eliminates the hassle from the hunt. Users can seamlessly scroll through verified listings, find members with common interests and connect directly through the app freely and securely. Today people are looking for more than someone to simply split the bills with; they're looking for friends, colleagues and a place they're happy to call home. Roomi helps them get there. 

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