As a REST API engineer at Ayasdi you will develop endpoints for programmatically accessing and operationalizing our industry leading platform.

You have a passion for testing, consistency, and clarity. You enjoy building solid APIs with great UX, including request validation, descriptive errors, and automatically generated documentation. You can develop ambitious and novel solutions to hard problems, and your attention to detail motivates you to do the unglamorous work that leads to a stable, refined product. You are smart, friendly, and you enjoy working with others to pursue a common goal.

- Experience building and maintaining APIs used by demanding customers
- Ability to write comprehensive unit and integration tests
- Proficiency with the modern Java platform and patterns, including dependency
injection, advanced annotation usage, and concurrency facilities
- Experience navigating the Java library ecosystem, in particular outside of JEE
- Familiarity with Jersey, Mockito, and code generation is a plus
- Familiarity with machine learning, statistics, or data visualization is a big plus
- Strong analytical and communications skills
- Self starter with the ability to work independently in a dynamic and fast-paced environment
- BA/BS degree in CS or EE; MS/PhD a plus
- Previous start-up experience is a plus

About Ayasdi

Ayasdi uses a pioneering approach to automatically discover insights from complex data. Founded in 2008 after a decade of research at Stanford, DARPA, and NSF, Ayasdi uses Topological Data Analysis (TDA) to unify best-of-breed machine learning approaches into a common framework without the need to write algorithms, queries or models. We’re building a platform to solve some of the world’s most complex data problems, are well funded by top-tier VCs and have a passionate team with a great culture.

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