RedShelf is looking for a self-motivated, resourceful individual with publishing industry experience to join our team. Core responsibilities will include, but are not limited to creating and growing RedShelf partnerships with content providers, and helping to develop and establish new market efficiencies and digital business models. The Publisher Relations / Business Development Manager will work closely with the entire RedShelf team and report directly to the COO.


  • Bachelors degree at minimum
  • Publishing industry experience
  • Technologically adept
  • Positive, achievement-oriented mindset
  • Skilled communicator and collaborator

About RedShelf

RedShelf is a smart and dedicated team that leverages its technology solutions to help the learning community transition to digital, for the benefit of all stakeholders. RedShelf’s eCommerce platform provides easily accessible, cost-effective learning materials for college students through a clean, cloud-based eReader and convenient online marketplace. In partnership with content creators, universities, and campus bookstores, RedShelf streamlines the discovery and distribution of eBooks and other digital course materials for today’s student learners. Through the power of our platform, the RedShelf goal is to create new efficiencies in digital content discovery, distribution, and consumption in the learning community. We aim to improve the online learning experience and accelerate the transition to digital in ways that support publishers, institutional bookstores, faculty, and students.Most of us at RedShelf were students not long ago, and all of us are life-long learners that have rich experience with both print and digital textbooks. This has allowed us to look critically at how software can be used to create and distribute eTextbooks that help students study, learn, and ultimately achieve their academic goals more effectively. Our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technology is accessible on any internet enabled device with no requirements for a dedicated reader or downloaded applications. With familiar tools such as bookmarking, highlighting, and note-taking, as well as digital enhancements such as keyword search, dictionary look-up, and 24/7 access from nearly any device, our eTextbook software allows students to conveniently study and learn anytime and anywhere as they would with paper. We provide digital content from the world’s leading academic publishers, consumer trade publishers, self-publishers and a variety of other content creators. Our close partnerships with publishers and college bookstores have positioned RedShelf to effectively bring more affordable digital course materials to students and professors across the country. 

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