Founded by the creator of the YOU DON’T KNOW JACK® game series, The Jellyvision Lab, Inc. creates virtual teachers, advisors, and salespeople who make online learning and decision making delightful.  In all that we do, our goal is to make complex topics simple and boring material interesting, using a combination of great design, unexpectedly funny content, and serious technology. Of all the virtual people Jellyvision has created, the tallest and least afraid of bears is ALEX®, the virtual benefits counselor (www.meetalex.com). ALEX helps companies talk their employees through the tricky choices they’ll have to make, like picking a health insurance plan, deciding how much to put in the 401(k), or whether they might want extra life insurance. Our customers love ALEX because he helps their employees figure out what’s best for their personal situations, which, in turn, saves our customers a boat-load of time and money – everybody wins! As we sell more and more of ALEX, we need more and more non-virtual (i.e., real life) people to keep the product amazing. That’s where you come in.

That’s lovely…but what’s this about an internship?

We’re looking for a top notch Recruiting Intern to join our People team part-time during the spring semester (starting in January 2016). Here’s the lowdown on the internship program in general:

  • Open to current juniors and seniors
  • We’re looking for folks in the Chicago area who could be in our office (848. W. Eastman) at least two to three days a week.
  • Hours will be flexible around your class schedule.
  • This is a paid internship. Compensation will be hourly. If you would like to receive credit for the internship along with compensation, let us know the name of the contact person at your school who can approve internships for credit and we will see if we can arrange a for-credit internship according to your school’s guidelines.

Beyond the hourly pay, what does the Jellyvision internship program offer students?

  • A chance to contribute to Jellyvision’s award-winning culture* by helping us run our recruiting and onboarding process in a respectful, welcoming, fun way.
  • Mentoring and feedback from members of Jellyvision’s talented and thoughtful staff.
  • The opportunity to see the innerworkings of recruiting and HR in a small, fast-paced tech/creative company.
  • Bottom line – the opportunity to do good work, with fun people, in a relaxed and casual environment.

* Seriously, we actually won the Moxie award for best company culture.  It’s on our reception desk; you can hang out with it if you come into the office

And what exactly would I be doing for Jellyvision as a Recruiting Intern?

Our new Recruiting Intern will support the People team in running the recruiting and onboarding process.  You’ll help us schedule interviews, greet candidates in the office and get them set up in interview rooms, process onboarding paperwork, create orientation schedules for new hires, and help with the myriad other tasks needed to run a super high-touch recruiting process and welcome new hires with Jellyvision flair.

OK, I could come hang out with you Jellypeople next semester; what are you specifically looking for in a Recruiting Intern?

We need someone who is whip-smart, super organized, detail oriented, diplomatic, quick-witted, able to multi-task and a true joy to communicate with – in person, on the phone and by email.  More specifically, to rock this gig you need to have:

  • Astounding attention to detail.  When you’re scheduling multiple candidates with dozens of interviewers over a number of weeks, making sure that all the details are lining line up is key!
  • Tech savvy.  We use an applicant tracking system called Jobvite, schedule our interviews in Outlook, track onboarding in Basecamp, and use Zoom to video conference in remote candidates.  You don’t need to have worked with any of these specific products before, but you do need to be a quick learner and very comfortable with learning new tech to be able to get up to speed quickly.
  • Amazing communication skills – in writing and in person.  You’ll be communicating with our candidates both by email and when they come into the office, so we’re looking for someone who can communicate clearly and with a bit of Jellyvision style.
  • An open and gracious personality.  We get applications from thousands of candidates each year and we are truly grateful for each applicant who takes the time to create job-specific materials for us.  If you enjoy meeting all different kinds of people and want to interact with candidates in a spirit of gratitude, we’d love to hear from you.

Sign me up – how do I apply?

If you’re interested in joining us as an intern next semester, we need two things from you:

  • cover letter that clearly indicates 1) where you are in school; 2) when you plan to graduate; 3) what hours you would be available to work next semester; and 4) what you think you could contribute to Jellyvision as a Recruiting Intern.
  • resume that fills us in on your experience to date – school projects and relevant non-paid work included.

That’s it! We will review applications as they come in and select candidates to interview on a rolling basis. Thanks for your interest in Jellyvision, and good luck!

About Jellyvision

Simply put, Jellyvision is a kooky-yet-clever interactive marketing company, the spawn of a gaming company best known for creating the irreverent trivia game show You Don’t Know Jack. Since sprouting forth from Jack’s bald head in 2001, we have retained Jack’s sense of humor while embarking on our own mission of shifting the focus of the web from “navigation” to “conversation”. Basically, we want to make the internet more human (that can’t backfire, right? It’s not like the internet is going to become sentient). So we traded in the virtual game show host for a fleet of virtual salespeople, brokers, guidance counselors, and teachers who add personality and personalization to complex ideas that would be otherwise way too complicated or snooze-inducing.

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