The Civil Group is a start-up boutique Engineering Consulting Firm based in Toronto and is seeking a qualified/motivated young professional to take over day to day operations and contribute to our growth. Like many start-ups, the experience and requirements will be diverse and challenging. The opportunity for fast paced progression to executive roles is available.

Summary: Management of civil/structural engineering assessment, analysis and design projects including communication with and coordination of various stakeholders. Hands on contribution to the various project phases is required, including project generation.

Responsibilities: Project Management, Research and Development, Field Work, Analysis and Design

Skills: AutoCAD and Microsoft proficient (advanced skill an asset), Motivated, Hard Working, Works Independently, Sociable and Interpersonal, Excellent Written and Spoken Communication

General: The new addition to our team will be exposed to a wide variety of opportunities that will lead to career and personal skill development. Progression towards overall management and operation of our engineering consulting firm at an executive level is available to those who respond well to the opportunity. This is a unique opportunity for young professionals in this industry to use their academics in combo with their entrepreneurial skills/drive. 

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