• Focus on automated web UI testing and test automation
  • Writing of detailed, comprehensive test-plans and test-scripts
  • Composing automated tests utilizing tools like Selenium, JMeter
  • Manual testing of builds and eCommerce platform UI components in accordance with test-plans/scripts
  • Testing of environments and build-automations.
  • Devising and maintaining performance and scalability tests for both platform components and the overall hosted platform
  • BSCS or equivalent is required.
  • 5+ years testing of eCommerce or Enterprise software is required.
  • The candidate must have substantial experience working on modern Unix open-source platforms e.g. RHEL.
  • Familiarity with XML and web-services technologies will be considered a plus.
  • Experience with QA automation and performance testing tools is required e.g. Selenium, JMeter, LoadRunner, Silk
  • Experience with scripting/simple programming is required; this can be UNIX scripting experience, or experience with embedded scripting languages for UI QA Automation
  • Bonus plan & equity options
  • A Macbook pro w/ 27” monitor
  • Medical and dental coverage

About SilverRail Tech

SilverRail is a transformative technology business with a mission to make global rail available, affordable and accessible. The first rail revolution set the world in motion, heralding an era of connectivity, commerce and progress. The second revolution is digital, and SilverRail is at the helm. SilverCore is the first unified platform for global rail, connecting global rail carriers with the worldwide ecosystem of travel distributors & retailers. SilverRail is set to unlock the global rail renaissance and see rail reshape short and medium haul travel forever. Today, our growing team of travel and e-commerce experts, mathematicians and software engineers work out of offices in London, Boston, Brisbane and Stockholm.

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