First off, you don’t have to be able to do all that is specified below when you join us. You will learn a lot here. A good overlap between your skills and the requirements below is a plus. What is required is a good understanding of your current limitations and a strong desire to grow beyond them.

We are looking for software engineers with experience programming mobile apps and/or embedded sensors to extend and maintain our sensor ecosystem.

  • You will play a major role in specifying and designing the next generation of Placemeter sensors, working with hardware partners and our computer vision team to optimize our algorithms for edge processing. You will specify, find or design the best devices for that.
    Requirements: Python, C, small embeddable computers and their OSes (e.g., Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black)
  • You will maintain our sensor apps on Android and iOS, pulling out every trick in the book to keep them running continuously in the foreground 24/7.
    Requirements: Android, iOS
  • You will investigate video protocols and codecs to optimize video delivery on the sensors and at other points in our architecture.
    Requirements: video encoding & streaming, common video libraries (e.g., ffmpeg), networking fundamentals
  • You will be responsible for the huge fleet of sensors deployed in the wild and develop the tools to monitor and debug them. You will maintain processes and tools to roll out smooth software updates to all sensors.
    Requirements: Python, monitoring, packaging solutions

About Placemeter

Tired of building incremental products and services? Tired of cookie cutter startups? Looking to make a real impact? Come join Placemeter to change the way the world functions. Seriously. Click the apply link to learn more!

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