We are looking for our head of product to drive the development of all our user and customer facing products, to be the archstone of our product development processes and methodologies.

As a head of product, you will lead our product team, effort, and strategy. By rationalizing and quantifying our product decisions and strategy, you will help align the forces of our team to pull product development in one direction. Your mission is also to test competing or complementary products to find inspiration/comparisons for us. Finally, you will hire and train necessary resources to complete your tasks.

  • On a day to day basis, you will work directly with Placemeter’s leaders to translate the company’s vision into concrete new products and features. You will create and maintain both high-level product plans and detailed road maps for building and rolling out features. You will make sure our roll-out plans make sense, and are delivered on time. You will make sure the product was implemented as designed.
    Requirements: product cycle management, agile processes, sketching software
  • You will conduct usage research to validate/invalidate our decisions about product directions, or optimize our choices and designs. You will analyze product usage data to quantify the needs, strengths and weaknesses of our products, and understand if the product is used the way we think it is.
    Requirements: UX research & design, A/B testing, product usage logs, lean product validation scheme
  • You will coordinate the development and roll-out of new functionality with designers, engineers, and QA people. You keep the grand product vision in your head at all times while breaking it down into manageable bits and prioritized tasks that your creative team can act upon.
    Requirements: Some design and some programming expertise, project management, project management tools

Experience: Ideally you have at least five years of experience in a product management role, within larger companies or startups. 

About Placemeter

Tired of building incremental products and services? Tired of cookie cutter startups? Looking to make a real impact? Come join Placemeter to change the way the world functions. Seriously. Click the apply link to learn more!

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