First off, you don’t have to be able to do all that is specified below when you join us. You will learn a lot here. A good overlap between your skills and the requirements below is a plus. What is required is a good understanding of your current limitations and a strong desire to grow beyond them.

We are looking for data science engineers—from entry level to experienced level—to extend, develop, and maintain our data management and processing backend.

  • In this position, you will design the right models to sanitize, understand, contextualize, and predict the data we extract from our video feeds.
    Requirements: stochastic models, inference models, prediction models, geospatial intelligence
  • You will use and master the tools to store, manage, and process the data.
    Requirements: Cassandra, map-reduce, C/C++, python
  • It is also essential to design and maintain the quality assessment tools required to make sure our algorithms perform well in all cases, but also that our algorithm improvements always improve our overall performance and quality.
    Requirements: python, linux, quality performance measures, automatic testing
  • You will also play an active role in putting Placemeter on the map in the local tech and data community, participating in meetups and finding peers to come work with us, growing the team and creating an amazing tech environment.
    Requirements: enjoy free pizza and refreshments, enjoy talking to like-minded tech people

About Placemeter

Tired of building incremental products and services? Tired of cookie cutter startups? Looking to make a real impact? Come join Placemeter to change the way the world functions. Seriously. Click the apply link to learn more!

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