The Creative Services Front End Developer will report to the Creative Director and Creative Services Manager. His/her responsibilities will be:

- To work in tandem with the PlaceIQ creative department to design and develop responsive mobile website solutions, innovative creative products, and solutions for PlaceIQ clients.

- To develop dynamic, innovative, game changing mobile ads using the latest in location technology.

- To trouble shoot and update existing products as mobile operating systems and technologies change and proliferate.

- To stay current and inform the creative department of new and emerging technologies.


Minimum 5 years as a front end developer.

Necessary Knowledge:

• Mobile Experience


• CSS3

• JavaScript • Experience developing with APIs

• Analytics Implementation

Recommended Knowledge:

• jQuery


• Understanding of simple gaming logic

About PlaceIQ

About the CompanyPlaceIQ is a rapidly growing, venture funded “Big Data” business with a tremendous opportunity to become the market leader in the exploding location intelligence marketplace. Starting with an extensive library of unstructured/unrelated geospatial, temporal and social data, PlaceIQ transforms location data into audience and insight, providing an unparalleled ability to intelligently define, reach and learn about an audience in the ever increasingly mobile world.

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