Job Description


You will be working on some of the most exciting real-time video collaboration technologies using C++11 and state of the art web technology such as Google Chrome PNaCl.


We have a world class team with years of experience in building complex financial and collaboration applications for startups and large companies such as Skype and IBM.


We employ development practices that will mentor you to become one of the best software engineers with a deep understanding of building applications that fulfill mission-critical requirements.



You aspire to become a world-class software engineer. Our team can help you get there.


You have experience programming software and have done so more than just because you had to.


You are passionate about what you do and strive for excellence – good is not good enough. You have an eye for the detail and you like to do things right.


Knowledge of what happens “inside” a computer is a plus. If you can build one and write the operating system for it, you are hired.


Knowledge of networking protocols is a plus. If you can implement TCP on top of UDP, then the job is yours to take.


Knowledge of video codecs is a plus. If you can scale a YUV420P frame to half the size with a few for-loops then you can start tomorrow.

You have no plus knowledge but plus attitude. Don’t worry, we all have been there!

About PhenixP2P

Chicago-based PhenixP2P LLC is a leading provider of true real-time video streaming for the Internet. The proprietary Phenix streaming software revolutionizes content delivery.Our Purpose is to provide quality real-time video streaming to the world.Our Vision is human connection through real-time communication.Our Mission is to be the go-to provider for real-time streaming.

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