- Graduate from a degree related to IT and Computer Science, and/or equivalent demonstrable web development experience.

- Knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm throughout our stack: PHP5, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery-UI, Bootstrap.

- Experience with responsive, mobile-first site design and development.

- Strong cross-browser and cross-platform testing and debugging ability.

- Outstanding problem solving skills.

- Strong design sense and ability to effectively communicate ideas & opinions.

- Attention to detail. Creatively include the word “marathon” in your cover letter if you’re reading this.

- Hardworking and able to work under pressure with minimal supervision.


Other Specs:

- PHP5 (min 3 years).

- MySQL (min 3 years).

- Smarty PHP template engine.

- Strong in all components of the web development skill set including PHP, standards-based HTML, JavaScript, CSS.

- Object Oriented Programming (PHP5) is a must, strong understanding MVC and programming patterns.

- Ability to optimize PHP code: split logic and data, convert existing code into reusable classes/modules, use most recent features of PHP5.6.

- Expert in MySQL, be able to find slow queries and optimize them, create fast queries for a database with large number of tables and records, MySQL profiling.

- Experience with MVC frameworks, CMS (at last one), for example OpenCart CMS, Zend Framework, Symphony, PHP Cake, Yii.

- Experience with integrating with third-party services, API.

- Outstanding problem solving skills.

- Experience with ExactTarget (integration, API).

- Experience with GIT.


Salary will be discussed upon job offer and will be calculated based upon an individual candidate’s skills, experience and knowledge.

If this position piques your interest, please respond to this posting directly by submitting your resume and cover letter. Educate yourself on how to use Parkbench.com inside and out before applying. Go on the site, write reviews, get deals, know what you like about the site and what you would improve. Then, in a paragraph, explain your experience using Parkbench and why you would like to work for us.

About Parkbench

About the CompanyDo you want to work for a fast growing startup, with a young and fun team, who has epic mystery monthly parties and take out team lunches on Fridays?Then Parkbench is for you!Our mission is to be the most neighbourhood-centric company in the world and change the way that the people, businesses, and nonprofits interact in their communities.We are the fastest growing neighborhood-based company in Canada, and were recognized as an emerging tech companies to watch in 2015 by Rocket Builders.We are looking for passion, ideas, and someone who will think working at Parkbench is play. You will be working with other bright and motivated young professionals in a fast paced start-up environment.Our developers will work with our CTO, Dr. Rodney Hoinkes, Harvard Graduate, and Professor at the University of Toronto. Dr. Hoinkes has over 20 years in technology, data, and development, and in 1992, won a prize from Apple for creating one of the original versions of the iPad. 

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