Our Community Manager will be the voice of our company and the fourth full-time member of our team, responsible for all customer support, social media, and copywriting.

Think you fit the bill?

• Your writing is impeccable. You’ve been called a grammar Nazi more than once, and misplaced apostrophes have likely made an appearance in your nightmares.

• You play social media like a game. Racking up likes and followers boosts your self-worth, and you come up with clever and creative posts in your sleep.

• You like making to-do lists as much as completing them. You’re hyper-organized and equally skilled at planning and executing.

• You’re endlessly patient and tactful. You know what stellar customer service feels like and want to make hundreds of New Yorkers’ lives easier every day.

• You’re obsessed with NYC and online shopping. You understand our customers better than anyone, and getting paid to share the online content you already devour sounds too good to be true.

• Your 11pm emails are as friendly and flawless as your 11am ones. You understand the responsibility that comes with running three huge pieces of a company that never sleeps.

• You’re looking for an uncommon work environment. You’d rather create a company culture than join one, and you’re thrilled by the idea of being 25% of a team.

• You like picking up new skills. You’re eager to get your feet wet with MailChimp, HTML/CSS, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Analytics, and Excel.

About Parcel

Parcel (http://fromparcel.com) is the package delivery service for New Yorkers without doormen. Our members ship their orders to our facility and schedule their deliveries for the evening. We launched in December 2013 and have grown to over 500 members, with features in sites like Mashable, Gothamist, and Refinery29.

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